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Passivation/Citric & Nitric

Passivation/Citric & Nitric
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Passivation is the chemical process that removes free irons from the surface of your stainless steel. This creates a chromium rich surface which can form an invisible inert (passive) oxide fill as soon as it is exposed to an oxygen-containing environment (air). Allegheny Surface uses citric and nitric passivation solutions. We passivate vessels, pipes, tubing, manifolds, frames and architectural components, enclosures, just to name a few.

Passivation will not change the appearance of the stainless. If the stainless has been heat treated or welded, the resulting scale or discoloration must be removed by either abrasive methods or by pickling. Passivation will not cause any changes to the surface roughness. To verify the effectiveness of the passivation, Allegheny Surface Technology applies saline, copper sulfate, and ferroxyl testing to ensure a successful passivation.

The highest form of passivation is electropolishing. Electropolishing is an electrochemical process. Due to its more aggressive nature it results in a more prominent passive surface than nitric or citric passivation.

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