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AST Products

Electropolishing Electropolishing
Passivation coming soon.. Passivation/ Citric & Nitric
Pickling / Chemical Cleaning coming soon Pickling/Chemical Descaling
Mechanical Polishing Mechanical Polishing
On-Site Services On-Site Services
Vessel Refurbishment Vessel Inspection

Quality Assurance

ISNetworld Number 400-155883
Allegheny Surface Technology guarantees unsurpassed quality whether work is performed in our own clean facility or on-site at your operation. During every step of every process, detailed procedures are followed based on our stringent Quality Assurance protocols. Continuous monitoring using our Quality Assurance Manual guidelines ensures results.
  • Solution monitoring such as specific gravity and iron titration are completed, insuring optimum solution performance and repeatability
  • All procedures are documented for every piece that goes through our system
  • AST Quality Control technicians are trained and qualified Level II Inspectors who report directly to our General Manager
  • Finished comply with ASTM requirements and BPE specifications. Samples of our finishes passed required ESCA and Auger analysis

When working at your location, our On-Site Coordinator monitors all processes and ensures that our technicians meet your expectations. Your own project leader is required to sign off on all completed work. In addition, third-party inspectors are employed when required by the client.

You can also choose to have Quality Control inspections and assessments included as part of your AST on-site refurbishment package. Our inspectors are full-time inspectors of capitol sanitary pharmaceutical equipment and are extremely aware off those requirements.

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