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Allegheny Surface Technology is exhibiting at the 2019 ISPE CASA Show


Allegheny Surface Technology is pleased to announce that we are exhibiting at the 2019 ISPE CASA Show.

ISPE CaSA is celebrating the 26th Annual Life Sciences Technology Conference March 12, 2019. The conference truly represents people behind the scenes who work tirelessly each day to deliver drugs to patients with life-threatening illnesses. The event takes place over the course of one day and is comprised of educational seminars, product demonstrations, vendor exhibits, a keynote speaker, and a networking social event. From conference proceeds, ISPE-CaSA funds educational programs for industry and contributes financial support towards featured charities and foundations. This year’s conference will capture innovative technologies and industry best practices that have been recently developed and employed to successfully meet the growing complexities of drug manufacturing. ISPE members as well as non-members are welcome!